Why does Tulsidasji bow to bad people?

In Baal Kaanda of Tulsi Krit Ramayan Tulsidasji bows to the wicked people as he writes in this chaupaai:-

“Bahuri bandi khal gan sati bhaae, je binu kaaj daahinehu baae Parhit haani laabh jinha kere, ujare harash bishaad basere”
Next, in all sincerity, I do homage to the evil minded, who without reason, delight in causing pain to the righteous; for whom another’s loss is their gain; who delights in another ruin and wails over their prosperity.

Goswami Tulsidasji, because of his enlightenment bows to everyone. His love for Lord Rama is so intense, he sees him in everything — living and non-living. For him there is no such thing as bad people. How can there be anything bad if his Lord Rama resides there? Everyone is a part of the Supreme Brahman and because of this, he looks at all as “saints in disguise”. Every action performed is a part of the ‘Divine Drama’ of which we are all a part of. As a result of our previous Karma (actions) some of us will reach our destination (Moksha or Self-Realization) faster than others, some will stop to view the beautiful scenery and be delayed, others will travel non-stop. Some will get the lead roles some will have to play the villain. The end result will be the same — we will all get there eventually. From him we came and to him we have to return.

Goswami Tulsidasji knows this and he sees everyone as an actor in the Divine Play. In every heart there is love because the power of God is in each one of us. Tulsidasji being a Jivan Mukta, with his pure mind sees the face of Lord Rama everywhere because everyone and everything is seen through the mind’s eye. The state of our mind makes us perceive things differently and because of Avidya (ignorance) we see a difference in everyone. We see the body and not the Divine Self and through our limited and impure mind we perceive situations differently and become judgmental. The way we behave now is all due to what we did in our previous lives. Good and bad actions that we perform now and even our thoughts are as a result of our past Karmas (actions).

Goswami Tulsidasji, because of his infinite wisdom knows this and shows compassion instead. He recognizes the deception in appearances and does not judge anyone, for it is foolish to form a negative opinion of someone on the basis of a few actions performed. He knows that human beings are a part of God and this endows them with limitless potential that would enable them to eventually find their way back to him. Goswami Tulsidasji, because of his humility, feels that nobody is better than the other, everyone is equal because his Shri Raam lives in all. He knows that both good and bad were created by Shri Raam. If there was no darkness then we would not know light, if there was no cold we would not know heat, if there was no adversity we would not appreciate prosperity.

The Divine Lord knowing this and being so compassionate blessed us with intellect so that we would be able to discriminate between bad and good. Whichever path we decide upon is completely our choice and results in our becoming entangled or released from the cycle of Janma Maran (birth and death). Sadly, we all become too involved in our roles and forget that it is just a little act in the Divine Drama —- knowing this, Tulsidasji shows compassion instead and bows to all.