Varshik Shraad for Pt. Hardowar Panday – 2007

On September 1, 2007 the Varshik Shraad (year work) for the late Dharmacharya Pt. Hardowar Panday was performed. The ritual was performed by the sons lead by Pandit Ram Hardowar and officiated by Pandit Satyanand Sukul, in accordance to our scriptures.

The Varshik Shraad marked the one-year (according to the Lunar calendar) anniversary of the death of Pandit Hardowar. Typically during the Varshik Shraad sacraments in the form of pindas (rice balls), tarpan, and food are offered to the departed soul and followed by Havan. During the ritual family members and friends paid their final respects to the atma of the departed Pandit Hardowar. The Varshik Shraad was followed by a seven session Maha Bhagwat Puran Yagna in honor of our late Dharmacharyaji.