SEVA Saturday

Seva (Selfless Service without any expectation of result) is the greatest form of purification of past karmas. Our Shastras declare that it is only through selfless action that man can rid himself of the entanglements of prarabdha (results of past actions).

The wise, detached from the fruits of their actions, are freed from the bondage of past karmas and ultimately reach the state of Anandam (blissfulness).

Seva is even more beneficial when performed at Mandir and surrounding areas since you will help to clean and maintain the home or house of worship of Bhagawan.   One should be humble and be free of Ahamkara (ego) in his quest for spiritual enlightenment.   During Sunday services we always hear that helping to clean the Mandir, cooking, etc, are the best form of Seva and are the first things one should participate in when you begin the journey of becoming one with Bhagawan.

SSNM is embarking on a new initiative call ‘SEVA Saturday  On each Saturday of the month starting at 10 am we will clean the Mandir and the Mandir Yard.    In an effort to teach community involvement/service to our youths we will also clean the block that the Mandir is located on. 

SSNM needs YOU and encourages you to invite your family and friends to participate in order for this initiative to be SUCCESSFUL.  All we are asking for is 1 -2 hours of your time on one Saturday of each month.    For the entire year we are asking for a maximum of 1 day of your time.      If you can’t stay please drop off your kids and pick them up later so that they can participate.    Your help will ensure that Shri Surya Narayan Mandir will continue to be clean, well kept and welcoming.   

In addition to your name, phone number and email address, we will need to know which Saturday of the Month (1st, 2nd , 3rd or 4th ) you would like to perform Seva.  Please provide this information to one of the Youth Group Parent Coordinators (Rohan Bisram or Kamla Oodal or any of the executives of SSNM.  

Some Examples of SEVA activities

  • Vacuum the Mandir
  • Clean/Mop the dining area
  • Clean/Mop the entrance ways and coat rooms
  • Clean bathrooms and kitchen as needed
  • General maintenance – changing light bulbs, painting , etc
  • Clean the Mandir yard (weather permitting)
  • Clean the Mandir Block (weather permitting) 
  • Spring planting of flower plants, etc