Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary

On May 16th 2010, Adharnath Sukhu and Chandrawattie Sukhu (Uncle Dave & Aunty Dottie) celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with all of us at Shri Surya Narayan Mandir. It is no surprise that after forty happy years together they are still smiling. Their wonderful children Anita, Chad and Ravi are the product of Uncle Dev’s and Aunty Dottie’s dedication and hard work. Since the inception of our mandir, they have both whole heartedly dedicated themselves to the maintenance and up keeping of our temple. Aunty Dottie tends to our mandir’s puja room while Uncle Dave is involved in the kitchen. We are completely grateful for all their contributions and wish them the best for many years to come. May Surya Bhagwan continue to bless them.