Akanda Havan Yagna Update

On Saturday, August 6th at 5 AM, devotees from Shri Surya Narayan Mandir gathered for the third annual Akhanda Havan Yajna. It was a perfect morning, with a cool wind blowing in the middle of summer, as devotees made preparations with their families to begin Havan in the Mandir yard. Many families gathered together before daybreak to participate in the ancient, deeply spiritual and scientific Hindu ritual of havan (also known as homa). For three hours, devotees made offerings to invoke various devatas and devis through the chanting of Vedic mantras, led by Pt. Ram Hardowar, Pt. Sewram Hardowar, Pt. Tulsie Bissessar, and Pt. Satesh, a guest Pandit from London, England.

The purpose of the yajna was to invoke prosperity, peace, and happiness in the lives of all participants, as well as for their families, their ancestors, the community, and the rest of humanity. As the sun began to rise, devotees stood and offered their salutations to Surya Bhagwan. As chanting continued from the Darkness of the morning to bright sunshine of a new day, devotees forgot that it was time to end. Everyone seemed to want to continue. The day was concluded with aarti and special prayers for Bahen Sunita and Bhai Paul on their wedding Anniversary.
Please Join us in 2012, so that you can experience the divinity of prayers.

Here are a few more pictures from the Akanda Havan Yagna