Family Day – A Youth perspective

Shri Surya Narayan Mandir (New York) had its annual fun filled family day on July 30th at Valley Stream State Park. Everyone had a great time playing various games, eating great food and snacks, and getting to know each other outside the confines of Mandir.  The merriment started off with a game of cricket. The youths and adults participated in most of the games. Some of the youths played an exciting game of basketball and volleyball. Most of the game teams consisted of Girls vs. Boys and Moms/Aunts vs. Dads/Uncles.  We all participated in “Lime and Spoon”. The winner was Uncle Pete. Also, to add to the fun we had a very skillful game of Tug of War.  And of course, the way Durga Ma is the Mother of the world similarly, the Mothers and Ladies won! During our Sack Races, we had many winners and lots of rolling.

Throughout the day many youths started playing different games. Some played Twister, Jump-rope, and many more. We ended our day with “Dog in the Bone”, a very lively game, where almost everyone participated, though there was a lot of cheating. An over look at the days activities, we used sports and games to strengthen the family bond of the members of Shri Surya Narayan Mandir.