Guruji, Pt. Ram Hardowar debuts at “Ramayan In The Park”

by Mahindra Bisram

On his debut on Thursday, August 23rd at “Ramayan In The Park” our Guruji, Pt. Ram Hardowar figuratively hit one out of the Park. As the opening words “SHRI RAAM” reverberated throughout the capacity crowd of approximately 750 people, the sense that a wonderful evening was about to commence was apparent to all who had the privilege of listening to his discourses before.

Electrifying, sensational, inspiring, and simply amazing, are some of the words that can be used to describe Pt. Ram’s pravachan as he brings out the core messages of Sundar Kand to a rapt audience. The message of “doing our duty” and to “stay the course” even as we face all the obstacles which is sure to come our way, was on point and delivered with eloquence and clarity in his great oratory style. The messages were beautifully interwoven with a few “jokes” which was well received.

I was completely enthralled during the hour long pravachan as Guruji distilled the essence of Sundar Kand in under an hour and showed us how relevant the lessons it contains are to our lives. As Guruji concluded due to time constraints, Myself as well as many other devotees longed for more of his teachings. I felt that the setting and atmosphere was perfect for at least another hour of discourse on this great night.
I am not alone in my feelings about Guruji’s turn as Vyasji at this year” Ramayan At The Park. The very next day the accolades from others came pouring in. Here is a sample of what others said about Guruji after listening to his pravachan on Sundar Kand.

“If there is one word to describe your discourse last night; it would be electrifying. Congratulations.” Ramtaigh

 “It was another grand evening at Ramayana in the Park 2012, as Vyasji Ram Hardowar presented a strong and scholarly pravachan from Sundarakanda. In his opening remarks, Vyasji promised to encapsulate the entire Sundarakanda in his allotted time, and fulfilled his pledge with a memorable presentation to the jampacked congregation.

He recounted Hanumanji’s commitment and devotion to Lord Rama and Seeta Maa, on whose behalf he faced and overcame many obstacles. Vyasji then reminded us that, like Hanumanji, we too must accept that “in the name of Sri Ram lies our destiny”, and emphasized the message of Sundarakanda that “only with humility will success come”.
Vyasji Ram Hardowar ended with a stirring appeal for Hindus everywhere to work without rest to resist plans in India to destroy Ram Setu, and for us to also ensure that a Sri Ram Mandir is re-established at Janmabhoomi.
” Naidoo Radhakrishnan Veerapen , General Secretary The Federation of Hindu Mandirs (USA), Inc.

” Jai Shri Ram,

I wholeheartedly agree that Bhai Taigh’s and Amar’s description, “electrifying and sensational,” well describes the night. Last night’s ceremony or katha was spectacular! All in attendance were certainly captivated, mesmerized, and inspired for the entire duration of the katha. After taking his seat, within seconds, Vyasji was able to capture and energize the audience, with the use of his Hindi and Sanskrit language which reverberated, vibrated and shook the grounds of the Park itself and reinforced within the hearts of each Bhakta present his/her Love for Prabhu Shri Rama. But best of all was Panditji’s gift to each of us – he deciphered the philosophical message of Sundar Kand and highlighted to us the teachings and values we must all possess, and utilize in our lives so that the flag of Sanatan Dharma may continue to fly high.

Although we all know that our Spiritual Leader, or Guruji does not want or need praise or thanks, we must remind him how pleased and appreciative we all are of his profound ability to discourse on our shastras such as the Sundar Kanda of the Ramcharitramanas in such an eloquent, entertaining and informative manner. He is indeed the light of wisdom sent by the Lord himself to remove all agyaanata within our lives.

Vyas Bhagwan Ki Jai!

Sanatan Dharma Ki Jai!” Anonymous