One Devotee’s Thoughts from Bharat Yatra 2017


Sitaram Guruji / Guruma, hope all is well and you are both getting over the jet lag. I have been back to work and finding it difficult trying to focus on business with all the beautiful memories still fresh in my mind.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for this breath taking, hair-raising opportunity to be in your company on my first Yatra to Bharat Desh. The Itinerary was well thought out and the hotels were all the best that one can have. I have started to accomplish my dreams of visiting the twelve Jotirlingams in this life time.   You set the tone of the day and made the things that seem impossible possible, you were very organized with arranging all the rooms for the various hotels and transfer flights from various locations and making sure all tours were well structured and that we always have cash in our purses.


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