Surya Senior Sang Celebrates their First Anniversary!

As part of the celebration, Doctor Anand Hardowar took time out of his busy schedule to visit the Surya Senior Sang to deliver a medical message, his topic was about strokes. Strokes are ranked as one of the top five causes of death in the United States by the American Stroke Association.

He was well equipped with visual and audio material. His slide show included important information such as:
-What is a Stroke?
– Types of Stroke
– Recognizing Signs and Symptom

He stressed the importance of early warning signs and the need for strokes to be treated within four hours. He taught the seniors a helpful acronym on how to identify a stroke.

FAST (F – face, A – arm, S – slur speech, T – time to call 911)
Dr. Anand also made a brilliant comparison between “Sanatan Dharma” and ‘Healthy Living”.

“Healthy Living” teaches one to make the right choice physically, mentally and spiritually and enjoy good results and long life – make sure your choices match your values.

“Sanatan Dharma” teaches you to do the right things, make the right choices physically, mentally and spiritually and good will always come your way.

The seniors were very engaged; they asked insightful questions and stated their concerns. They were very thankful and complimented him on his humility and simplicity.
This is just the first topic of many more medical sessions to come! Stay tuned for our next discussion!