Surya Senior Sang Celebrates another Blissful year together!

As part of the celebration, Doctor Mahabir & Amrita Mahabir took time out of their busy schedule to visit the Surya Senior Sang and deliver an interesting medical message, he touched on the deadliest diseases in today’s world, Risk factors, and prevention.

– High Cholesterol
– High Blood Pressure

He stressed the importance of early detection and frequent visits to your doctors, the need for a healthy diet, daily exercise and manage stress. Dr. Mahabir encouraged all to introduce more green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, organic spices, Turmeric & ginger he reminded all that this was what our fore parents used and lived long healthy lives.

The seniors were very engaged; they asked insightful questions and stated their concerns. They were very grateful and thank both parties for their precious time.
In closing Dr. Mahabir promised to make more frequent visits, he saw the need and how anxious the seniors were to have that dedicated time. He reminded them that do not lead life by comparison since what works for one will not work for another because our bodies are unique, eat in moderation, laugh a lot, introduce Yoga & Meditation it’s free every Wednesday evening at SSNM and most important be Happy.

We look forward to many more medical sessions to come! Stay tuned for our next discussion!