Pandit Ram Hardowar’s Journey: Honoring a Cherished Humanitarian in Jamaica

By: Shyla Hardowar

On Sunday June 20th, 2024, Pandit Ram Hardowar’s recent travels took him far beyond the familiar streets of Jamaica, New York, and all the way to the tropical island of Jamaica. This significant journey was not just a geographical shift, but a heartfelt trip to honor a cherished person. Dr. Tara Singh and his wife, Bibi Singh, have been doing community work in Jamaica since 1998. One major charitable work they initiated was a student exchange program between Jamaica and New York. Sadly, Mrs. Bibi Singh passed away in April, and a memorial service was conducted for her in Jamaica. The service was officiated by Pt. Ram Hardowar who said it was “a privilege for him to officiate at the memorial service”.