Surya – The Father of All

Pandit Ram Hardowar

Pandit Ji

Shri Surya Narayan Bhagwan is popularly referred to as ‘Sarva Loka Pitamaham’ the father of the entire world. That Lord who is unseen and beyond names and forms manifests himself for the well being of his creation. The most powerful aspect of his manifestation is the SUN. The sun provides heat, light and energy to sustain all. He is the life- giver and time-giver. Surya Narayan is personified sitting in a golden chariot drawn by seven horses. This serves as a constant reminder to us all of the passage of time represented by the seven days of the week.

The seven horses also represents the seven primary colors of the rainbow or light. The various colors when put together will once again become white light with no traces left of their original color as they merge into each other. So too must man blend with each other and nature and become one with that supreme being leaving no traces of ‘ahamkara’ I-ness and my-ness. Surya Narayan is not only worshipped by Hindus but other ancient cultures as well. The Egyptians refer to the sun god as ‘Ra’ and considers him the creator of light and other things. Note the similarity with ‘Ravi’ being another name of Suryadeo in Hinduism. Helois was the sun god of the Greeks, who believed that he drove the sun across the sky from east to west in his golden chariot. The Eskimos in Greenland call the sun Malina – a goddess.

The Chinese also worship the sun. They thought that there were ten suns, each traversing the sky every day of their ten day week. The Vedas adore Surya Narayan as a witness of all actions (Sakshi), for HE is ever present and always vigil in performing his duties. Hence he is called ‘Jagadaikha chakshusay’ the eye of the three worlds. Worship of Suryadeo especially on Sundays yields manifold benefits. Lost vision will once again be regained. Surya namaskar performed with faith and love will strengthen one`s bones, cure illness and bestows progeny, wealth, good-health and long life. Surya Narayan temples are very popular in Bharat. The Suryanar-Koli in Tamil Nadu and Konark in Orissa are two of the most famous ones. There are a few Surya temples in the West Indies but as far as our research permit we have not been able to locate another Surya temple in North America. All are welcome to worship and serve the lord at this new temple of Surya Narayan Bhagwan. May his divine rays flood your hearts.