Mr. & Mrs. Bajrangi Celebrates 60 Years of Marital Bliss with Maha Shiva Puran Yajna

Shiv Puran Yagna On May 23-25, 2008; devotees of Shri Surya Narayan Mandir joined with the family of Mr. and Mrs. Bajrangi Sharma to celebrate 60 years of marital bliss with a three session Maha Shiva Puran Yagna. Sixty years ago in Corentyne Polder, Surinam; Mr. Bajrangi Sharma and Ms. Chandrawattie Rambarran exchanged marriage vows after being blessed by Agni Devata (Fire God).

The Yajna was officiated by our spiritual leader, Pt. Ram Hardowar. During the yagna, Vyasa Ji eloquently described the glories of Lord Shiva from the sacred pages of the Maha Shiva Puran. Pt. Ram did a spectacular job in each session, discussing the Greatness of Listening to Maha Shiva Puran, performing mental worship to Lord Shiva (Shiva Manas Pooja) and the importance of the Dwadas (12) Jyotir Lingams.

Pt. Ram beautifully chanted and explained the marriage vows which were made by Mr. & Mrs. Bajrangi, on their wedding day 60 years ago.

The marriage was blessed with 9 children, 18 grand children & 2 great grand children.

May Surya Narayan continue to bless them with health, prosperity and bliss.

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