Akanda Havan 2008

SSNM showed the value of true devotion when groups of devotees woke up to go to the Akanda Havan yajna, which was held on the mandir premises on August 2nd. Havan was conducted by many families during Brahma Murth, the time period from 5 AM – 6 AM that is deemed to be the most auspicious time to pray and perform religious ceremonies. Akanda Havan is non-stop chanting while offerings are made to Agni Devata, the fire God, for the blessings of all participants and all people within the vicinity of the havan. Devotees watched the sun rise as they chanted mantras and stotras to various deities until a little after sunrise. Chanting was led by our spiritual leader Pt. Ram Hardowar and assisted by Pt. Tulsi.