Florida Mandir – 7th Annual Youth Camp was a tremendous success

Over the course of two weeks, 65 youths ranging in age attended the 7th Annual Youth Camp at Shri Surya Narayan Mandir (FL). The youth camp commenced on June 20th and finished on July 1st.  During the two week youth camp, Camp Director, Pt Vishnu Hardowar, discussed many aspects of Hinduism with the youths.  A diverse array of topics was covered, including elements of Vedanta and modern issues facing Hindu youths.  Pt. Vishnu’s lectures were complemented by presentations from a number of the senior campers addressing various topics and social issues as viewed from the youth perspective.  Additionally, members of the Indo-Caribbean community were invited to attend the youth camp as guest speakers.  Among a few of the guest speakers were a registered nurse, pharmacist, chiropractor, software engineer, general contractor, school teacher and business owner.  The youth camp culminated on July 1st with a symposium followed by a graduation ceremony. The symposium served as an opportunity for the camp attendees to showcase their talents and knowledge gained during the youth camp.  Performances at the symposium included, a few skits, song and dance, and chanting of mantras and Bhagavad Gita.  The 7th Annual Youth Camp was a tremendous success and we anxiously anticipate next year’s camp.

Here are some photos taken at this years camp.