Panditji Ram Hardowar Speaks at First Hindu Priest Conference

Shri Surya Narayan Mandir’s Spiritual Leader, Pandit Ram Hardowarji, recently presented at the HMEC first Hindu Priest Conference. The first Hindu Mandir Priests’ Conference 2012 (HMPC 2012) occurred at the Hindu Jain Temple, Monroeville, Pennsylvania, USA, and was sponsored by the Hindu Mandir Executive Conference (HMEC). The conference objective is sustainability and the advancement of Sanatana Dharma by making the modes of worship meaningful and relevant for the younger generation of Hindus within the United States and Canada. Priest plays an essential role in the spiritual and cultural welfare of North American Hindu society. The conference explored ways to make the priests’ roles more effective in meeting the ever changing needs of North American Hindus.

Some of the detailed discussions and presentation included: Connecting with Children and Young Adults, Personal Growth and Continuing Education, Shared responsibilities, Samskaras & Festivals.

Worship practices beyond rituals: Internships, Sabbaticals, Exchange Programs, Challenges of multiple languages, disparate customs, Managing devotees demands, Environmental Considerations, Employment & Benefits, Hindu Chaplaincy Program.

It was the hope of the organizers that priests may take several new concepts from this conference and implement in advancing the growth of their respective Mandirs.

Here is a copy of Panditji Ram presentation. 

Here is a copy of the press release from the conference.