Surya Narayan Mandir annual B.Gita chanting

by Pandit Ishwar Tiwari

“The magic of the Bhagavad-Gita is that if chanted by one individual with faith, or by the twenty devotees that braced the cold weather to be at the Annual Gita Chanting on December 15 at SSNM, or by thousands, the cleansing power dispense in the atmosphere is the same.

Despite the great task ahead – to chant the 701 verses in Sanskrit – Guruji managed to pause sporadically to explain the pivotal verses in various Chapters, especially Chapter 16, which describes Divine and Demonic Qualities, as the devotees offered prayers to mitigate the effects of the demonic qualities that manifested at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday.

The Gita-Chanting 2012 was concluded with Aarati and Prasadam. In closing remarks, Guruji urged that Gita chanting should not be restricted once a year and that we should congregate more during the year and choose appropriate verses to chant and discuss.”