Surya Mandir (Florida) – Blood Drive & Vasant Panchami

Sunday, January 21st, 2018 was an eventful Sunday for the devotees of Shri Surya Narayan Mandir-FL Branch.

We celebrated Vasant Panchami by performing elaborate Saraswattie Maa Puja. It was fitting that Alissa Motilal, daughter of Brian & Dru Motilal, sponsored service as she celebrated her 16th Birthday. All the members of the Mandir wished her a happy birthday and we pray that Sarawattie Maa bless her as she continues her educational pursuits.

This time of year also marks the Planting of Holika, that symbolic act which represents the negative qualities that we all possess and wish to remove. In a few months, we’ll all reconvene at Mandir and burn Holika and celebrate Phagwah.

This Sunday was also our very first Blood Drive. A few of the members coordinated with OneBlood to get the “Big Red Bus” to come to the Mandir. The bus was onsite from 10am-3pm and we had over 30 people donate a pint of blood. We actually had to turn people down from donating because the OneBlood staff did not prepare for this large of a crowd. As Pt. Vishnu said “the act of donating blood is considered one of the greatest acts of Seva. This one selfless action can save someone’s life.”

Last but not least, January 21st also marks the birthday of Pt Vishnu Hardowar. We pray that Surya Narayan Bhagwan continues to give him the energy and strength to continue leading the Mandir and guiding us in the path of Dharma.

View additional photos from the event.