Blood Drive ( (Florida Branch))

Sunday, February 16th, 2020 was a very “giving” Sunday for the devotees of Shri Surya Narayan Mandir-FL Branch.

This Sunday was our annual Blood Drive. A few of the members coordinated with OneBlood to get the “Big Red Bus” to come to the Mandir. The bus was on site from 9 am-3 pm and we had over 15 people donate a unit of blood. We actually had to turn people down from donating because the OneBlood staff did not prepare for this large of a crowd.

Pt. Anand, an Emergency Room Physician, described to us how critical blood transfusions are in an emergency situation and that many hospitals lack the proper quantity of blood to perform these life-saving measures. He went on to inform us that every unit of blood donated can save up to three lives.

As Pt. Vishnu said “the act of donating blood is considered one of the greatest acts of Seva. This one selfless action can save someone’s life.”

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