NY – Ganga Dashmi Puja 2010

Saturday June 18th, Shri Surya Narayan Mandir of New York Devotees made their annual pilgrimage to the foreshore of Queens, NY at Far Rockaway Beach. Each year, Mandir devotees celebrate Ganga Dashmi with prayers and puja to the Mother Ganga. Although they cannot go to the Ganges, they assemble at 5 AM on the banks of Atlantic Ocean, located on the Peninsula of the Rockaways. This year was no exception, and puja was conducted by Shri Surya Narayan Mandir’s spiritual leader and assisted by Pandit Tulsie Bisesar. Pandit Ram explained the significance of Ganga Maa puja and how relevant it remains even in the present day. One of the most joyful moments came when devotees also joined together to worship Surya Bhagwan as the Sun rose in the east. After the puja was completed, many devotees took a bath in the Atlantic Ocean. Both adults and children enjoyed some swimming and water activities. It was especially significant for Bhahenji Chaitrani Persaud, who also joined with Havan ceremony and celebrated her birthday.