Guru Purnima

ImageSunday , July 25th was a special day at Shri Surya Narayan Mandir (SSNM).  Devotees and about 135 youths attending the annual spiritual youth camp observe a special session of Guru Purnima. Guru Purnima is the day set aside for worship, special recognition, and to give thanks to one’s Guru for his teachings and direction that he provides to his Chelas and devotees.   As stated in our Shastras it is only through the Guru’s blessings that one can realize the truth about who they are, and gain Moksha.    SSNM is a teaching institution and on this day the teaching continued.   The master of ceremony Anandji did a beautiful job in explaining to the devotees, and especially the children in attendance who the Guru is, and why we need a Guru.     In essence the Guru is Bhagawan in the form of a man; he is the remover of darkness.   He brings light and happiness to his Chelas life by lifting the veil of Maya that encompasses them.

Pandit Ram Hardowar, our Guruji, had a special message for his Chelas on this day.   A beautiful clip of the Ramayan was presented where Lord Rama finish Gurukalam.   As is customary when one finishes Gurukalam they have to give Guru Dakshina.   Lord Rama’s dakshina to his Guru was to always follow and practice his Guru’s teaching and to never waver in Dharma.     Guruji request to his Chelas was also for them to follow his teaching,  give back to society, and follow the path of Dharma.   He stated that this is the best gift that his Chelas can give to him.

One of Guruji’s famous sayings is to ‘Be a giver not a taker’.    Guruji, as many of you know is a person who practices what he teaches.    On Guru Purnima several deserving students received monetary awards from the Pandit Ram Hardowar Sanskriti fund.   The Sanskriti fund consists of Guruji’s own money that is given to him when he performs Puja and Yagnas .  Additional funds are raised through special functions like the Walk-a-thon.    On Guru Purnima awards are made through the Sanskriti fund to children to learn the arts and culture of India and our great religion Sanatan Dharma.    On this Guru Purnima day over Three Thousand dollars was given out to several Youths.    Awards were given to Sarika Persaud, Vidya Ragnauth, Nandanie Niranjan, Trinauth Maniram, Hema Hansraj, Dhanesh Persaud and Muniraj Ramphul.    Speeches were given by Sarika and Hema as well as Narad and Sanjeeva thanking Guruji for the awards and for being a great teacher, leader and giver.   On a personal note I would like to thank Guruji for being a beacon in our entire family lives.   I’m sure that if we follow his teachings and the path that he lights that we are sure to be happy.